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Our Mission is to help meet the needs of countless people all around the world

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Our History of Empowering Communities,
a journey of Impact and Progress

Suleymaniye Aid was first formed in the Suleymaniye Community Centre - a cultural and civic trust located in the heart of east London - which serves many communities.

The Suleymaniye Community Centre provides unique services, from private secondary school classes for a wide cultural array of students, all the way to funeral services for its cherished and respected members. Thanks to a loyal and committed board of local volunteers, these services (and more) have been offered to the community and surrounding area since 1984!

The construction of Suleymaniye Mosque and Community Centre began back in 1994. After years of commitment and devotion to the cause, the doors of the community centre finally opened to the public in October of 1999. Over the years, we have further expanded our local services, and have come to work with a large demographic of volunteers from within the very community that we strive to serve.

Charity expansion and registration of Suleymaniye Mosque

In due time, we decided to take another leap forward by establishing our London based charity, which aims to increase volunteer activity and focus its attention on large scale projects, both nationally and internationally. With that goal in mind, we registered the Suleymaniye Mosque and Community Centre to the Charity Commission on August 5th, 2015 (Charity Reg. No:1163005)

With the enthusiastic support and hard work of our dedicated helpers, the Suleymaniye Mosque and Community Centre is now capable of providing aid in countries such as: Albania, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Scotland, Turkey and all throughout England!

Our Mission is to help meet the needs of countless people all around the world

We can’t fully understand and appreciate how blessed we truly are to have access to the things that we do.

Drinking clean water, eating balanced meals and having the means to receive a basic education are all things that every human being should be able to access. Yet we take it for granted.

In comparison, we live in indulgence and have the opportunities we need to not only live, but live quite comfortably. Often, we worry about which model of car to buy, what brand of clothes to wear, or where to vacation this year for the summer holidays.

Helping people with basic human needs and living conditions

We worry about such trivial matters when, simultaneously, millions of people are wondering what they will eat today to survive or whether they can ever drink clean water. We know this, yet we ignore the issues. We believe that it doesn’t affect us because it is happening in the other parts of the world, far away from our own homes. We are witnessing that people are lacking basic human needs, like good hygiene and clean-living conditions.


People Helped





Our goal is to not only reach those people but to help them too.

Our priority is to alleviate the poverty in the world. Our Mission is to prevent and/or relief poverty and hardship in a multitude of countries worldwide by providing monetary aid, such as grants and distributing essential items to those who lack necessary, everyday basics. We also offer services to individuals and/or charities, as well as organisations working tirelessly and diligently to prevent and relieve poverty in their community.

Also prevention and/or relief of poverty worldwide by providing (or assisting with) the establishment of proper education and basic workplace training, as well as offering necessary support to various healthcare projects.

Transforming lives through our services,
making a difference

We continue to touch many lives throughout the year and we will continue to show this effort with your help. There were many Aid Projects we did during the year, including local and international projects. If we are to list a few of them:

UK Response

  • Sponsoring children’s education by helping them overcome any financial struggles and language barriers they may have.
  • Providing ‘Food Aid’ in more than twenty major locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland, primarily assisting the homeless and other such vulnerable citizens who currently find themselves in unstable situations.
  • Supporting educational institutes, as well as local and national charities.

International Response

  • Established a water fund in places such as Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Aiding in the practice of ‘Qurbani’ every year during ‘Dhul Hijjah’ and subsequently helping in food distribution to struggling and/or third-world countries.
  • Providing humanitarian aid for the welfare and wellbeing of children worldwide.
  • Assisting in ‘green projects’ (such as planting trees and installing solar panels) for the betterment of our plant and the survival of future generations.

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