Circumcision (Khitan)

Suleymaniye Aid's initiative to provide circumcision projects in Africa twice a year demonstrates their commitment to supporting communities in need by offering access to this procedure, especially in areas where resources and financial means are limited. This effort not only promotes health and hygiene but also contributes to the well-being of individuals within these communities.

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Khitan Ritual Compulsory for Muslim Boys

Twice a year, Suleymaniye aid carries out circumcision projects in Africa, providing expertise in this procedure to communities that lack access and financial means.

Dedicated doctors are deployed to ensure that thousands of children can undergo circumcision, a significant rite of passage within Islam.

Embracing the Muslim Faith

Circumcision holds immense importance in certain parts of Africa, where undergoing the procedure is seen as a transformative step towards embracing the Muslim faith.

Many individuals who receive circumcision proudly declare themselves as fully Muslim, highlighting the deep significance it holds within their cultural and religious identity.

Our dedicated local staff at Suleymaniye aid works diligently in the field, identifying children who would benefit from circumcision.

Their efforts ensure that those who need the procedure receive the opportunity, promoting their well-being and contributing to a stronger sense of cultural and religious identity within the Muslim community.

A Meaningful Act

Sponsoring a child's circumcision at Suleymaniye is a meaningful act that goes beyond financial assistance. It symbolizes a strong bond and responsibility, akin to being part of the child's family.

By sponsoring a child's circumcision, you become a caretaker, embracing a role like that of a mother or father, and actively participating in their well-being.

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