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Nafilah Qurbani

Share sacrificial meat, show compassion

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Sadaqa is a powerful way to show compassion, generosity, and solidarity with those in need.

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Food Package

Suleymaniye Aid provides food packages, nourishing families and spreading hope during times of need.

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Hifz Sponsorship

At Suleymaniye Aid, we provide Hifz sponsorships, enabling youth to memorize the Quran and excel.

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Jumuah Donation

Give generously on Jummah, supporting Suleymaniye Aid's mission to uplift communities and make a difference.

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Ayn Zubaydah

Making a difference is within your reach. Sponsoring a water well stands as a simple yet impactful way to transform lives. Whether you choose to become a monthly donor or make a one-time con...

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Gift a Quran

Join Suleymaniye Aid's Quran Gift Campaign, and let's spread the joy of learning together.

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Plant a Tree

Contribute to Suleymaniye Aid's Sapling Donation Drive, nurturing nature for a greener, healthier world together.

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Circumcision (Khitan)

Suleymaniye Aid's initiative to provide circumcision projects in Africa twice a year demonstrates their commitment to supporting communities in need by offering access to this procedure, esp...

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Build a Mosque

Join Us in Building a Mosque By donating to our "Building a Mosque" project, you become a part of this noble endeavour. Your contribution will leave a lasting impact on the community, enabl...

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Wales Hifz Course

With a vision to expand our services and strengthen the Quranic connection, we're embarking on a remarkable journey. Our aim: construct a new floor solely for the Hifz course for boys. Here,...

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At Suleymaniye Aid, we are dedicated to supporting vulnerable children by ensuring they have access to education and essential resources to thrive academically. Our organization tirelessly w...

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Water Well

Your donation transforms a village and their lives.

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Sewing Machine

At Suleymaniye Aid, we take pride in our impactful projects, and one of our notable endeavors focuses on empowering vulnerable women in Africa.

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Empowering Widows

Suleymaniye Aid supports widows, offering comfort and assistance during times of hardship and loss.

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Suleymaniye Aid is committed to supporting children who find themselves without families or in vulnerable situations.

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At Suleymaniye Aid, we recognize the transformative power of bicycles in improving lives and creating opportunities. Our "Life-Cycle" project aims to bring reliable transportation to those i...

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At Suleymaniye Aid, our collaboration with dedicated local staff on the ground is paramount. Together, we meticulously identify children most in need of our assistance. Through this thoughtf...

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