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Performing Wajib Qurbanis for Communities in Africa and Asia

“Once our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) was asked, what is Qurbani? The Prophet (saw) answered: ‘It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani, you receive a reward from Allah (SWT)” – Tirmidhi

This sacrifice commemorates the actions of the Prophet Ibrahim (as), when he was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail (as) after seeing in a dream that Allah wanted him to do so. However, the dream was a test from Allah, and He sent down a ram from heaven to be sacrificed in Isma’il’s (as) place.

By sacrificing a Qurbani each year, we are confirming that we are willing to sacrifice whatever Allah asks of us and to submit to Him completely.

"Performing Wajib Qurbanis for Communities in Africa and Asia"

At Suleymaniye Aid, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can celebrate Eid al-Adha with a sense of joy and happiness. Our Qurbani project enables us to provide Wajib Qurbanis to over 30 African and poor Asian countries, so that people in these areas can also partake in this blessed tradition.

With your donation, you can help us reach even more people in need and spread joy and happiness to those who may not have the means to perform qurbani themselves.

Your contribution can make a real difference in the lives of families and communities around the world and help to bring them closer to the spirit of Eid al-Adha. Join us in this noble cause and donate towards our qurbani project today.

Our Qurbani Meat Distribution Process

We take great care to ensure that the process is carried out according to Islamic rules and that the meat is of the highest quality.

Our team of trained professionals oversees the entire process, from the selection of the animal to the distribution of the meat to those in need. We ensure that the animal is healthy and that it is slaughtered in a humane and hygienic manner.

What is a Prophetic Qurbani?

“The Prophet (saw) sacrificed for the one who could not sacrifice from his Ummah, one who bore witness to the Oneness of Allah and [his] Prophethood (Tabarani)

After fulfilling his personal obligation, the Prophet (saw) gave an additional Qurbani in the name of the Muslims who could not afford to do so. We encourage all our donors to revive this forgotten Sunnah and help more needy people.

Qurbani is not only for the holy month of Dhul-Hijjah, but also it could be held with different intentions on any day of the year. We process your Qurbani in 24 hours you then receive the video within 48 hours. (Nafilah, Shifa, Aqiqah, Shukr)

There are thousands of people in Africa who eat meat only once a year. While it may be hard for us to imagine, this is the reality for many individuals living in poverty across the continent.

For many families, meat is a luxury that they simply cannot afford on a regular basis. Instead, they rely on staples such as grains and vegetables to provide the bulk of their nutrition. As a result, many people in Africa suffer from malnutrition and related health problems.

By supporting Suleymaniye aid that work to alleviate poverty and improve access to nutritious food, we can help ensure that more people in Africa can enjoy meat this Eid al Adha.

Abdullah’s Story

Let us share a story that we heard from one of the locations in Africa where we are sending your donations.
The story comes from a teacher who works in the area, and it is a powerful example of the impact that your support can have on the lives of those in need.
A student in a charity funded boarding school, striving to learn his religion. He was amongst the misfortunate families who’ve never had the opportunities of other boys his age.

One day, the boarding house staff noticed a strong scent in the dormitory. They opened the windows to air the room, but noticed the smell was still present the following day. The room was fully cleaned and disinfected, but the smell was still there.

They eventually realised that under Abdullah’s pillow, there was a piece of lamb that was served at lunch a few days ago.
The staff asked the boy why he kept remains of food under his pillow.
Abdullah’s response is the mere reason why we as Suleymaniye Aid work so hard to do what we do:

‘My teacher, I have had this so called ‘lamb’ for the first time in my life. I have never had anything so wonderful, so I wanted to save a piece for my family when I visit them over the weekend’.

Donating one Qurbani may not make a difference for you, but it means the world to ones like Abdullah and many other misfortunate families. Your donations will be reaching them this Eid al Adha.

May Allah bless you all, and grant you with multiples of what you selflessly share with others...

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