At Suleymaniye Aid, we believe in the power of Zakat to bring positive change to the lives of vulnerable individuals across the globe.

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Every Child Deserves a Home, Our Mission is to Empower Orphans

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever pays the Zakat on their wealth, seeking the pleasure of Allah and believing in its obligatory nature, their wealth will be purified and increased." (Sahih Bukhari)

At Suleymaniye Aid, we believe in the power of Zakat to bring positive change to the lives of vulnerable individuals across the globe. Our Zakat program is carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of those who are in desperate situations, ranging from providing food, medical supplies, and education. We understand the importance of responsible distribution, ensuring that your Zakat reaches those who need it most. With your generous contributions, we can extend our reach and impact, transforming lives and fostering hope for a better future.

Effectiveness of Zakat

By giving your Zakat through Suleymaniye Aid, you are actively participating in humanitarian efforts that make a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Your contributions enable us to provide essential aid, including nutritious meals to combat hunger, critical medical supplies for improved health, and educational opportunities to empower individuals and communities. With each Zakat donation, we expand our capacity to serve more people, amplifying the positive impact of your generosity.

Your Zakat in Action

Through our comprehensive assessment processes and in collaboration with local communities, we ensure that your Zakat reaches those who are most vulnerable and in need. Our dedicated teams work diligently to identify individuals and families facing extreme hardships, prioritizing their wellbeing and striving to restore their dignity. By joining hands with Suleymaniye Aid and giving your Zakat, you become an agent of change, enabling us to extend compassion and support to those who are often overlooked.

Donate your Zakat today

Your Zakat has the power to transform lives, providing hope, relief, and opportunities for a better future. Join us in this noble cause by donating your Zakat today. Together, we can create a world where everyone has access to essential resources and the chance to thrive. Let us uphold the true spirit of Zakat and make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals across the globe.

Remember, your generosity not only uplifts others but also brings blessings and honor to your own life.

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Nisab Values

  • Silver 612.36g equating to £19.09
  • Gold 87.48g equating to £54.25

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year:

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In hand and in bank accounts
Deposited for some future purpose, e.g. Hajj
Given out in loans
Business investments, shares, saving certificates, pensions funded by money in ones possesssion

Trade Goods:

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Borrowed money, goods bought on credit
Wages due to employees
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