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Ayn Zubaydah
The resource of life


As Suleymaniye Aid we have started a new campaign called Ayn Zubaydah Water Well project. Our target is to open a Water Well every month where there are most needed, we are going through difficult times and we may not be able to open a Water Well individually, however this campaign makes it possible for all of us to contribute a share even if it’s a small amount.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said

Best deeds are consistent, even if it's small.

In Africa thousands of people are turning sick or dying, and the basic need of health isn't even met. There are so many diseases caused by bad water, cholera, dysentery, trachoma, bilharzia things that we have never heard of before. Children shouldn't be drinking from dirty swamps, ponds or rivers. Women and girls are usually the ones responsible for fetching the water, often walking for hours every day, as a result, most girls never make it through school. Dirty water is responsible for more death in the world, than all forms of violence, including war. There are 785 million people that live on our planet right now without access to clean water, this is nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. So let's think about this! People are dying because they do not have access to clean water, and many of them are children.

Why do we call it Ayn Zubaydah Project?

Zubaydah Hatun was Caliph Haroun al-Rashid's wife. She commissioned and paid for the construction of Water Wells all along the Pilgrimage route, which was 1,200km from Baghdad to Makkah. This water source is named Ayn Zubaydah in history (Spring of Zubaydah) after her name, which is still known as this in Makkah today, she has established water wells for hujjaj. We intend to open Water Wells for African people who are in dire conditions. May Allah SWT accepts all our intentions and donations.

So how does this campaign work?

It’s very simple, basically with every 240 donors, that pays £10 a month, we get to open a Water Well where there are most needed, we can spend this amount when we go out for a meal, or to have a coffee with friends etc... Let’s not forget that this is our investment for the hereafter (akhirat). The water will be used for many purposes such as drinking, cleaning, making food, planting and also for the animals.

Our beloved Prophet SAW said

The best of you are those who benefit others.