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A well-educated generation for a brighter future

A good, well-rounded education makes it possible for anyone, regardless of social standing, to pursue success and growth in their life. In third-world and otherwise struggling countries, education is particularly crucial in keeping a child alive, healthy, and free. Sometimes, that education can even be the difference between life and death!

Did you know that there are more than 40 million children in Africa who have never received a proper education? Most of them simply cannot afford the time or money it takes to go to school every day. These children are subsequently forced to accept any type of employment opportunity they can find to support themselves and their families, even at very young ages. Though this allows their families to survive for the day, it robs the child of the opportunity to learn and pursue careers that could provide a life and a future.

Since females are considered the nurturers in many cultures, their daily tasks often include traveling on foot for hours to procure water for themselves and their families (and sometimes, the water source they travel this distance to is full of harmful pathogens that cause illness and even death!). With one chore, the chance to attend school is taken away from these girls.

But the cost of training educators, combined with the cost of materials and buildings needed to run the schools, has made the possibility of any formal education at all impossible for many children in Sub-Saharan Africa. This area has one of the highest rates of uneducated individuals in the whole continent. For those who are able to learn in school, only about one-quarter of their primary school teachers are trained and educated themselves. Their high school teachers have a slightly higher ratio, with about half the teachers possessing the proper education and training required.

In 2016, UNICEF released a study that found 130,000,000 children of primary school age did not have basic skills in literacy and numeracy, giving them the lowest literacy rate in the world. Due to sheer poverty, the majority of citizens did not get a chance to learn sufficient literacy skills that many jobs deem essential and, oftentimes, mandatory, such as reading and writing in the language spoken by their home state.

This is a major problem in the African continent as well as many other economically distressed countries. That’s why Suleymaniye Aid has made it our goal to develop projects that will provide permanent solutions for education and basic workplace training, starting in the Sub-Saharan region.

Many children, especially those who have been left orphaned, live full-time in the school institutions that were generously funded and built by our many philanthropists participating in these projects. This has given thousands of African children the opportunity to receive a good education through the efforts of humanitarians who have kindly donated through our organization.

By paying one years’ worth of tuition, you can give a child in need the ability to look toward their future with hope. Or, you can contact us directly to become a monthly sponsor and help a child in need!

Donate to a child’s education today to help them create a brighter tomorrow.