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Saplings are trees, the green ornament of the earth. A sapling represents renewal, regenerating that is clinging to life... Every seed, planted in the ground to sprout, is tended to with patience and care at every stage, until it turns into a sapling, then into a tree.

Trees give people a breath of health, taking in pollutants and releasing fresh air to everyone around it. As you know, there is something about life in saplings. Saplings represent new growth, bringing hope to those near it, as seeds transform into trees and trees into forests in the ever-advancing time. You can plant a seed and watch as the small sapling grows to become a vital piece of a forest tomorrow.

Forests are the cause of much more, affecting things in ways that we do not even know yet. They provide habitat, redistribute water, foster biodiversity, protect soil from erosion, cool the surrounding air, store carbon, and release oxygen.

In short, trees are essential to the health of the earth, and as long as they are with us, we can look ahead with hope. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) explains it in the best way,

Even if the Hour comes, then if you have a sapling in your hand and there is no obstacle to plant it, let it plant it immediately. [Buhari, al-Adebul-Mufred p. 168]

Moreover, there are hadith-i sharifs who explain that when a person has planted a tree that will benefit people, that tree will be like a continuous charity. Today, only 30% of the earth’s surface is covered with trees. Both material and moral reasons are solid proof that every sapling to be planted is a harbinger of better tomorrows. A tree planted today will benefit those around it for the rest of its life.

Yet, even though we know the benefits-- the necessity-- of trees, that number is still decreasing each day due to wildfires, deforestation, and shifting agriculture. In fact, in 2020 alone, the world lost 2580 sq. kilometers of its tree coverage. When we sacrifice our trees to corporate greed or to convenience, we endanger not only humanity, but the rest of the living organisms around us.

It’s no wonder, with these facts in mind, that many generous, selfless souls, like you, want to fight back. As a result of all this, human beings can't help but wonder, “Why shouldn't I plant a sapling too?”

Doing our bid to save our planet, Suleymaniye Aid started the GREEN AFRICA PROJECT and PLANT A TREE Campaign in Kenya and Burkina Faso in February 2022. With every £10 donated, we will be able to plant one tree.

Now is the time to act, to renew, and to regenerate. Now is the time to plant a sapling, a tree, or even a forest, for the health of the earth and the hope of humanity, together.