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Water Wells
No one survives without clean water


At Suleymaniye Aid, we make water wells our primary focus. Clean, safe, accessible water is a basic human need, and, we believe, a basic human right. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for billions of people around our world.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 2,100,000,000 people do not have water in their homes. 844,000,000 people do not even have a water source, clean or not, within 30 minutes of their home. Can you imagine if you had to walk for hours for a cup of water, only to get it from a river full of trash or chemicals or even natural bacteria? Many of us won’t even drink water from the tap.

But in Africa and Asia, on average, women and girls travel 6 hours every day carrying gallons of water back to their household, which, in many cases, prevents them from going to school. Even then, the water they return with is typically gathered from water sources that cause illness and, in many cases, death. Almost 5,000,000 people worldwide contract diseases every year that are directly related to pathogens found in the only water sources they can reach.

Water is an essential part of our existence. In fact, water is the very substance that makes Earth habitable for the human race, and, without it, there is no life at all! Therefore, Suleymaniye Aid has initiated the 'Water of Life' project. We evaluated the countries and regions with arid conditions and where clean water could not easily be obtained.

Water scarcity is a product of many issues, like natural geography, poorly maintained pipes and infrastructure, contamination, chemical runoff from corporations, mismanaged water resources, even agriculture. Suleymaniye Aid digs wells in different parts of the world where fresh water is considered scarce.

Currently, Suleymaniye Aid is predominantly working within the African continent. 86% of the people living in sub-Saharan Africa are deprived of a fresh and clean water source. Half of Africa’s population overall suffers from at least one variation of water-related illness. These are due to a lack of sanitation practices and the general water scarcity due to the climate and geographical characteristics across the continent.

Our mission is to dig water wells with a knowledgeable and professional team, who promise to assist in future upkeep and maintenance.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was asked

Which charity is best?

He replied

(Providing) water (Abu Dawud)

Many spend hours every day walking several miles only to collect the most basic substance needed to survive. That is the reality for one in ten people inhabiting the planet who do not have clean water within a close range of their homes. Thousands of people die each day, because they cannot even reach that water.

Everyone has the right to clean water, so Suleymaniye Aid will keep working until everyone in need has access to fresh water and good sanitation. However, we cannot achieve this ambitious goal without your help. It costs £2,400 to build a water well, which includes 10 years of free maintenance. You can buy a share of this amount for as little as £250, or you can donate any amount in the name of Hz Muhammed (pbuh) to help our cause!

Do your part. Help us build a well today, and you may save a life tomorrow.