Suleymaniye Aid

Giving help and hope to vulnerable


In the earthquake of February 6th, thousands of people lost their lives, and the survivors, together with the remaining family members, lead their lives in tents or containers. Last Ramadan was in good condition, they had iftar with their families, but this Ramadan will be different as there has been people who have lost loved ones and a very different environment to last year due to the earthquakes.

As Suleymaniye Aid team, we stayed on the field for 3 weeks and tried to run to the aid of earthquake victims in every area. We have made an effort to help those effected with your support in many areas of need such as container home distributions, food, clothing and cleaning items. Now, let's extend our helping hand more than ever to the victims of this earthquake, who need hot meals with iftar and sahur from you in Ramadan time for brotherhood and sharing.

This year, we are in an effort to provide them with a better life, by providing the materials and goods they need with your zakat. The brothers and sisters need your help and support more than ever before, and they're now waiting for their zakat, charity and fitrah from you.

We look forward to your help so that we can be a helping hand to more people by providing their needs.